What is Assisted Living

The aging of the American population and the dramatic increase in the number of people 85 and older has spurred the emergence of a variety of housing options for seniors and disabled individuals. One of those options, assisted living, combines independence, choice and privacy with personalized, supportive care in a congregate, residential setting.

It is a special combination of housing, personalized support services, health-care services and 24-hour supervision. The services are designed to accommodate the individual needs of those who require some assistance with daily activities but who do not require the constant skilled nursing care that is provided in nursing homes. The assisted living philosophy is grounded in promoting quality of life and the ability of each resident to make his or her own choices, while holding basic health and safety paramount.

Assisted living is the entry-level segment of New York's long-term care and health care systems, and is considered a vital element of these systems. It is the most cost-effective option for elderly and disabled people who need a 24-hour supportive living environment. In New York State there are several kinds of assisted living options: Adult Homes, Enriched Housing Programs, and the housing-with-services model.

Some homes serve the frail elderly, others serve people with Alzheimer's/dementia, and others serve people with mental disability. Today more than 50,000 people live in 550+ licensed assisted living residences in New York. 
What is the difference between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing or Nursing Homes?
While seniors in Assisted Living can continue living safely with some independence despite moderate health challenges, those who need Skilled Nursing aren’t safe without consistent clinical oversight and complete assistance with their daily activities. 
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NY Connects: Easy Access to Information on Long Term Care
NY Connects: Choices for Long Term Care is a local program that provides easy access to information and assistance for people who are exploring long term care options or who are already receiving a long term care service but would like more information. Visit NY Connects HERE