ESAAL’s Legislative Advocacy Center

 A few reasons why legislative outreach is important! 

  • Legislative decisions directly impact the assisted-living industry. As providers, we can contribute to shaping policies that impact the entire industry and our residents.
  • We must educate the legislature about who we serve, the services we provide and our successes & challenges.
  • We must humanize industry issues, so legislators recognize that policy directly impacts the real lives of our residents.

It’s our responsibility to advocate for our residents, to voice our concerns, to propose improvements and to ensure government policy aligns with the best interests of our residents

ESAAL is committed to educating policymakers and advocating for critical legislation impacting the senior living industry.

Our advocacy efforts are key in helping to shape both state laws and budgets. There are many points in the legislative process at which you, as a provider, can become more involved--from the drafting and introduction of a bill to its passage and enactment into law. The importance of getting involved cannot be overstated. Most state legislators know very little about assisted living related issues and the impact that they have on people’s lives. They have much to learn from you and other key stakeholders.

ESAAL's 2024 Executive Budget Priorities

Engage With Your Local Legislators!

First, know who your representatives are. 

  • Get to know them. Visit their website, read their biography, understand their priorities and which committees they serve on.
  • Cultivate a relationship. Call and email your Assembly member and Senator.
  • Describe your interest in showing off your beautiful community and the importance of your services to their district constituents. Invite them to tour your community, visit with resident's, family members and staff. Do not take no for an answer, you may have to invite them several times but don't give up!
  • Once you have a visit scheduled, PREPARE!
    • Have a set of talking points ready (we can help with that)
    • Assign a staff member to help plan the visit and make sure all staff and residents are aware of the visit.
    • Offer a tour of the community during a special event, i.e. a 100th birthday party, a marriage between two residents, an open house etc.
    • Take pictures of the event and share with the legislator, your newsletter, and your local newspapers.
    • Follow up with a note of thanks. (Sample thank you note link here)

Do you need help with Advocacy?

Contact ESAAL for information related to legislative issues, talking points and/or if you just want assistance crafting key messages. Contact: Chris Vitale, Legislative Coordinator at 315-224-3531 or  [email protected] 

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