Choosing a residence

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At some point in your life, you may be faced with making a decision about an assisted living facility for yourself, a family member, or a friend. And making the right choice is easier when you thoroughly evaluate residences.

There are a variety of housing options for America's aging and disabled populations. There are more than 500 licensed adult care facilities in New York State – and every community is unique. Deciding what is right for you or your loved one is a matter of need and lifestyle. Some homes serve the frail elderly, others serve people with Alzheimer's/dementia, and others serve people with mental disability. 

When you visit or research an assisted living community, ask for written material. We recommend that all providers have a written statement or copies of their resident agreement that outlines services, prices, extra charges, admission and discharge criteria, staffing and house rules. Also, ask each provider how it might accommodate any changes in your needs over time. A disclosure statement that discusses ownership and financial solvency of the provider may also be available. Examine your finances and ask about costs. Monthly rates and fee structures vary. Most of all, if you are seeking a residence for someone who cannot visit the residence personally, it’s important to respect their needs and wishes by including them in the process as much as possible. The result will be their greater satisfaction.

As you assess assisted living residences, you will likely visit a number of communities.  ESAAL recommends making several visits at various times of day to each residence you are considering.  

Download ESAAL's Consumer Checklist HERE

Also ask whether the community is licensed by New York State or a member of ESAAL. These memberships and designations demonstrate a community’s quality, as well as its commitment to excellence, professional development and ethical standards.

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