Emergency Preparedness 

eFINDS Training online  for Adult Care Facilities 

The Department of Health strongly encourages operators to utilize the web-based eFINDS training and ensure that at least three facility staff persons are knowledgeable in the use of eFINDS. 

The Learning Management System (LMS) course, called CTI-502, provides a solid foundation for registering and updating patient/resident location information during an incident or event, such as a storm, flood, non-natural incident or practice/exercise drill. The webinar takes about an hour to complete. 

Prerequisite: Participants should be assigned on HCS to either the eFINDS Data Reporter or the eFINDS Reporting Administrator prior to training, and know where your eFINDS supplies (wristbands, scanner and PDF log files) are located.

If you are interested in this training opportunity, sign up for an upcoming session. Here's how: 

1) You need to have an account with the LMS. Click the link below to access the LMS
2) Either log-in or create a new account
3) Once logged in, find the Course Catalog and search for the course called CTI-502
4) When loaded, click on eFINDS version 3.0 and enroll in any of the class dates that you wish to take. 

More Info on this and other trainings:
Learning Management System web address https://www.nylearnsph.com/Public/Default.aspx 

Questions Regarding LMS
Send email to [email protected]

Questions Regarding Training
Send email to the Office of Health Emergency Preparedness: [email protected]

Transportation Assistance Levels

You can find the following TALS information on the Health Commerce System (HCS):  

1. TALs Guidance Document
2. TALs slides
3. TALs Patient/Resident Critical Information Tracking Form
4. TALs icons for labels 

Sign on to NYSDOH Health Commerce System (HCS) and:
1. Click on My Content (top of page on right)
2. Click on Documents by Group
3. Click on Long Term Care
4. Click on Preparedness
5. Click on Resources
6. Click on Transportation Assistance Levels (TALs) at top of page on left side. 


New York State Websites

  Office of Emergency Management Homeland Security & Emergency Services
  Department of Health Office of Counter Terrorism
  Office of Cyber Security Office of Fire Prevention & Control

  Other Emergency Websites

American Red Cross FEMA OEM Weather

 Additional Resources

Emergency Information Handbook  Aware/Prepare


New York State law requires that assisted living centers have a written emergency preparedness plan that details the procedures that must be followed in the event of an actual or threatened emergency or disaster that interrupts normal service. If you need assistance in developing a plan for your residence, please email Lisa Newcomb.