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            Learn about the various licensed adult care facility/assisted living options available in your community and throughout New York State; review tips and guidance for choosing an adult care facility/assisted living residence.

            The New York State Department of Health licenses and regulates adult homes, enriched housing programs, and residences for adults, collectively known as adult care facilities. Search for a licensed Adult Care Facility using the NYS Health Profile website HERE.

             The Benefits of Living in a Licensed Assisted Living, Adult Home, or an Enriched Housing Program Residence

            • Personal care assistance
            • Food service requirements to ensure food safety, balanced & nutritious meals
            • Supervision of all residents to help ensure safety
            • Medication assistance (including ordering, storing & taking medications
            • Case management
            • Ability to age in place *
            • Special needs programs, including dementia care *
            • Notice requirements for rate increases
            • Fire safety protections mandated throughout the building
            • Comprehensive emergency preparedness & evacuation plan
            • Mandatory reporting of serious incidents to the DOH, including incidents of abuse or neglect and resident injuries
            • Communicable disease & infection control
            • Extensive consumer protections and consumer disclosure documentation
            • Mandatory list of resident rights
            • Minimum staffing requirements
            • Continuous staff interaction with residents’ medical professionals to help ensure residents receive prompt & appropriate medical attention
            • Stringent oversight by the NYS Department of Health, including:
            • Unannounced inspections & follow-up
            • Detailed inspection reports – which must be posted in the facility – outlining violations and other deficiencies
            • Prompt investigation of complaints & serious incidents
            • Civil penalties and authority to revoke license to hold serious violators accountable
            • Require grievance procedures and formal complaint process.

             *Benefit available in specified models.