Health Commerce System (HCS)

The Health Commerce System (HCS) Coordinator is the person who has the responsibility and authority to request and manage HCS accounts and manage roles in the Communications Directory. To enroll a new User, the HCS Coordinator should click here and follow the instructions.
Applying for an HCS user account is as simple as filling out an online form and having a NYS DMV Driver License or NYS DMV Non-driver Photo ID.  People that do not have a NYS DMV Driver License or NYS DMV Non-driver Photo ID can still apply for an HCS user account using the existing process which requires signatures and a notary.

HCS Contacts

If you do not have an HCS Coordinator, you must contact CAMU at 1-866-529-1890 or email them at [email protected]

HCS Webinar training - call 518-473-1809 or send an email to [email protected] 

Free Emergency Preparedness & Health Commerce Online Training Courses Available Through NYS DOH

The Learning Management System (or L-M-S) is a web-based tool designed to facilitate the registration and tracking of learners in competency-based courses for staff in New York.  The LMS allow Users (Learners) to search an online Course Catalog, enroll in courses, complete online quizzes, and track their continuing education.  - A flexible system to meet workforce development goals. Whether you need training to meet the NYSDOH - Health Emergency Preparedness Program training requirements, or want to learn how to navigate the HCS Applications, the LMS provides easy access to the training you need. 

Click here to access the website and follow the instructions to create an LMS account for yourself.

If you have issues or concerns with accessing the LMS, contact the NYSDOH Office of Public Health Practice at 518-473-4223 or by e-mail at [email protected]