ESAAL Salutes our Stand Out Staff


Daughters of Sarah Community for Seniors, Albany, NY Daughters of Sarah

Christine C. and Kassandra H. 

Sharon R., Executive Director at The Massry wanted to thank Activities Director, Christine C. & Lead Receptionist, Kassandra H., "who have both been absolutely fantastic! They put together this group photo."
Thank you for being STAND OUT STAFF!! 

Maryville Enhanced Assisted Living, Huntington, NY 


Today, we're thanking the staff at Maryville Enhanced Assisted Living !
Elias S. put it simply & said, "They are our heroes!"
Thank you for being an entire team of STAND OUT STAFF!




Regency at Glen Cove, Glen Cove, NY Chef Pat Marone

Today's STAND OUT STAFF is from The Regency at Glen Cove Assisted Living! Stella, Director of Special Projects, tells us: "The Regency's Chef Pat Marone has been cooking and making us laugh for the last 17 years. Chef Pat has been working three meals a day in order to make sure residents are happy. 'Saturday night's Pot Roast was a big hit, I even made some homemade danish to brighten their day. I have to say the residents are so appreciative and thankful during this tough time. I guess they have seen so much in their lives.', Pat shared. 'We love Chef Pat and his staff. He is always trying to make us laugh and it works', Resident Suzanne C. stated. Thank you Pat! We love you!"
Thank you for being STAND OUT STAFF, Chef Pat!!

Clark Manor House, Canadaigua, NY Deb Woodruff, Clark Manor
Today's STAND OUT STAFF is from Clark Manor House! Stacie C. says: "I would like Debbie Woodruff, RN administrator of Clark Manor House for the amazing job she does. She has been a rock through this pandemic. She is working everyday. She is open for all suggestions as to what we can do to make the residents smile. This is a picture of her on crazy clothes day. Without her strong leadership  skills we would be lost!"Thank you Debbie, for being a STAND OUT STAFF member!