Benefits of Licensed Assisted Living

You wouldn’t risk your children’s safety by letting them get in a car with an unlicensed driver, would you? So there is no reason to put the care of our seniors into the hands of unlicensed assisted living or adult care operators.

Regrettably many facilities are still not in compliance with the state licensing standards, compromising the safety of their residents. Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones, and how you can take action against unlicensed facilities below.

Unlicensed Assisted Living Facilities – A Risky Business

Licensing is an important form of protection. We expect that the physicians who perform open heart surgery, the lawyers who protect our rights, and the contractors who build our homes are properly licensed. It only makes sense that those we entrust to care for our aging loved ones when they can no longer live at home have a license as well.

Today, all state-licensed assisted living and adult care residences are required to provide consumers with a room, meals, ongoing supervision, personal care services, medication assistance, case management, activities, laundry and housekeeping. Those who do not meet these state regulations are subject to stiff fines and the possibility of closure.

There are still a number of facilities providing assisted living-like services without a license, compromising the safety of their residents. We hope to educate consumers about the services and resident protections required by law so that they know to ask residence management if they are licensed by the New York State Department of Health.

Make sure to ask the following if you’re looking at any type of assisted living or adult care residence.

  • Ask management detailed questions about what services they provide, and what licenses they hold in order to provide them. Ask to see a copy of the license.
  • Never assume you are moving into a licensed residence. Sometimes only the service company that contracts with the facility is licensed – and that means the residence itself is not regulated or overseen by the state. In some cases they are operating illegally.

Today, with the construction of so many new residences designed for the elderly being completed, consumers must be diligent in their quest for truth. What you see may not always be what you’ll get.


For too long, unlicensed facilities or “look-a-likes” have been dodging state laws – and putting New York’s seniors at risk. Help us tell the New York State Department of Health that this is not acceptable. Unlicensed facilities are missing important consumer protections and jeopardizing our loved ones’ safety. They must be held accountable.

To file a complaint with the Department of Health, call toll-free 1-866-893-6772 or visit the New York State Department of Health Adult Care Facilities page.

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